Co Employment


BBSI partners with the business owner to frame a management platform that brings predictability and stability to their business.

BBSI has evolved by effectively integrating key traits from two industries – human resource outsourcing and business consulting – to create a truly unique offering.

Traditionally, HRO has been a good resource for growing businesses, delivering tools and processes with a relatively low cost of entry and outsourced infrastructure.  However, this model typically delivers solutions that are not well integrated with the needs of the business owner.  Conversely, the consulting industry typically has a very high level of engagement with the business resulting in highly customized recommendations, but also a high cost of entry and the requirement of existing infrastructure to execute recommendations – something most small to mid-size businesses don’t have.


Each business owner’s operational team is partnered with a dedicated branch business unit comprised of a Human Resources Consultant, Risk Management Consultant, Payroll Specialist and a client-focused Business Partner.  These business professionals have the knowledge and experience to identify success factors and potential obstacles, and possess the drive and vision to help each business succeed.

Our Difference


Our goal and mission at BBSI is to assist our business partners in protecting and managing their human capital investment, reducing their employment liability and increasing their profitability.  Business owners working with BBSI typically move through three stages.